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After a Year of Service, BMW’S DriveNow Program Proves Successful

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BMW’S DriveNow Program

The BMW 7 Series

When BMW launched its DriveNow ride-share program in June 2012, it opted for the proving grounds of San Francisco, given the Bay Area’s proclivity for HEV/EV vehicles.  The program makes use of a fleet of 70 electric BMW vehicles (ActiveE) and allows members to reserve cars for short travels, including one-way trips.

A little more than a year in, the program has proven to be a roaring success with 1,600 members.  Each member of the DriveNow program pays a one-time $39 fee and is issued an ID card that acts as their key.  Once a driver finds their ActiveE (through a smartphone app), they may then swipe their ID card, enter a PIN, and answer a few personal questions to gain access to their ride-for-the-day.

Driving privileges cost $12 for the first thirty minutes, 32 cents for each additional minute in motion, and 13 cents for every minute parked, making the DriveNow program an affordable, convenient, and environmentally-sound alternative to cab rides and public transportation.

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The 70 ActiveE vehicles utilize an all-electric powertrain that is comparable to BMW’s newly-tweaked i3 electric car.

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