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Android Music App Integration Coming To BMW

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Pandora Integration BMW 7 Series

The BMW iDrive System allows BMW owners to concentrate on the road while still navigating technology in their vehicles. The infotainment system is pretty cutting edge, and drivers who want to add to what it can already do can download the BMW Connected app from their smartphone’s store and use it to share information between the car and the device. The integration with smartphones has heavily favored the iPhone since 2011, but now BMW is announcing new features being opened up to Android phone owners. Initially, the Android app integration will only be available to drivers of the BMW 7 Series, with plans to expand to other vehicles equipped with iDrive soon.

Three of America’s most popular music streaming apps, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and Spotify will be available as the first Android apps to integrate with BMW iDrive. The integration allows drivers to change stations, songs, and navigate the app without taking their eyes off of the road. Before now, users would only be able to use the connected apps with their vehicle when they were connected with a USB cable, but this new update will also allow them to connect using Bluetooth in equipped vehicles.

In case you didn’t know, Spotify is a streaming music service where users can create playlists for all occasions and moods with their favorite songs. Both free and premium users will be able to use the connection with a BMW vehicle, but only premium users will be able to choose individual songs from the playlists and turn off shuffle. Pandora, on the other hand, is a service that revolves around stations created using favorite artists or songs (the user doesn’t choose what goes on the playlist, depending on the luck of the draw). iHeartRadio app users will be able to use their phone to listen to radio stations from around the United States, and also create their own custom stations.

While BMW’s iDrive System still heavily favors Apple devices, hopefully this music app integration means better things are ahead for Android users.