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Apple Alludes Again to Future Car

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Photo: Allen Lai

This week, at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJD Live event in California, an interviewer asked Apple CEO Tim Cook about the future of the auto industry, and what exactly makes it ready for “disruption.” Cook’s answer gives us more clues as to how the technology giant will approach building a possible automobile.

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In Cook’s response, he built most of his comments upon the base thought that software is becoming more and more important to today’s drivers. He expressed that Apple thinks drivers should have an iPhone experience in their cars, mentioning that many car owners do not list their infotainment systems as one of their favorite features. Apple CarPlay was developed to help bring a driver’s world outside of their car into their driving experience, Cook continued to explain.

Disappointingly, Cook didn’t go much further in his answer to confirm any details about an Apple car, instead finishing with a comment about autonomous driving will become a major player in the auto industry’s future.

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What we do know about the Apple car is that the project inside the company is named “Project Titan,” and that the car will be electric but probably not self-driving with a release date of 2019. The tech giant recently hired former auto company executives to help with the project, and consulted with BMW to take a closer look at the BMW i Series and its assembly line. After these answers from Tim Cook, it’s clear that Apple’s top priority with its vehicle will be the user experience and technology. It will be interesting to see how that translates into a real car, and what it means for its non-infotainment components. Engines might not be a barrel of laughs, but they are pretty important to a vehicle and its ability to function successfully and painlessly.

News Source: The Wall Street Journal