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Biofuel and Oil Industries To Team Up Against Invading Electrics

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Man, when it comes to supplying the things to make your car go forward, competition is pretty intense. The latest move in the mob jockeying to fuel your ride comes from two parties that are usually enemies—biofuels and the oil industry.

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In the past, these two groups hated each other, as the newcomer biofuel attempted to cut in on the fossil-fuel dominance by arguing to blend biofuel in with the general gasoline supply. However, nothing unites people like a good enemy, so the biofuel lobby and the oil industry lobby are tag-teaming like a Catwoman/the Punisher crossover comic to go after the one newcomer that has the potential to force them both off the market—electric cars.

The US biofuel lobbying group the Renewable Fuels Association met with representatives from the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, which both agreed on one thing—they really want the internal-combustion engine to stick around. As such, they both have agreed to fight against what AFPM president Chet Thompson calls “inequities” in government support of electric cars.

Thompson is referring to the federal electric car incentive, which offers up to $7,500, depending on electric range, in a tax credit to the first 200,000 buyers of electric vehicles from a particular manufacturer.

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Now would seem like the optimum time to strike for lobbyists who prefer that their cars be moved by explosions rather than electrons, as the new administration shifts the governmental favor away from green ventures like electric cars and more toward fossil-fuel interests like oil and coal.

However, it should be noted that the biofuel industry is imperiled by the new bosses as well, as many in the new administration have been critical of the Renewable Fuel Standard which put biofuels on the map.

News Source: Green Car Reports