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BMW Global Sales Up 1.3 Percent at the End of the Third Quarter

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BMW finished the third quarter of the year with a slight sales increase, thanks to strong showings in the Chinese and American markets

Thanks to key markets, BMW was able to increase sales overall during the third quarter

Although the beginning of 2018 was rather kind to automakers in terms of economic opportunities, the second half of the year so far has presented its fair share of challenges. Despite this, BMW’s global sales were actually on the rise during the third quarter of the year.

BMW’s overall global sales were up by 1.3 percent.

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So far in 2018, BMW has delivered 1,834,810 vehicles across the globe. 1,566,216 of those vehicle came from the BMW brand proper.

Sales for BMW’s electric vehicles have risen by an even larger margin so far this year. BMW has sold a total of 97,543 EVs during the first three quarter of 2018, a sale increase of approximately 42 percent compared to the prior year.

September’s sales numbers demonstrate the successes and struggles BMW has faced so far this year. BMW sold 200,710 vehicles worldwide during that month.

BMW sales are on a slight decline for BMW’s home market of Germany

113,620 of those vehicles were sold in Europe. Yet despite this large sale volume, BMW’s European sales were down by 4.9 percent.

Sales in BMW’s home country of Germany fell 3.3 percent during this time. Meanwhile, British BMW sales fell 8.6 percent in September.

BMW’s U.S. sales have remained rather stagnant

Fortunately for the Bavarian automaker, sales were up in the U.S. Albeit, that sales growth was a slight 0.2 percent.

When the year as a whole is examined, BMW’s U.S. sales have increased by 1.7 percent. BMW has delivered 259,258 models in the U.S. so far this year.

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China is currently BMW’s most lucrative market

Still, BMW’s most lucrative market is undoubtedly China. Chinese sales were up by 13.2 percent in September.

Indeed, Asia continues to be a profitable market for BMW. Yearly Asian sales for BMW total 637,288 units, a sales increase of 2.7 percent.

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With a strong finish in the third quarter, BMW is at a strategic sales position heading into the final months of the year. The automaker may need that head start, as automotive sales worldwide are expected to fall as 2018 comes to a close.

BMW’s global sales in September are listed below:

BMW September 2018 Sales