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BMW NAIAS Display: Electrifying and Sleek

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MINI NAIAS display existed too...

BMW NAIAS display

One section of the BMW NAIAS display

The BMW display was the first place that Marci and I spotted one of the “car janitors.” These people were dedicated to keeping the cars clean and shiny all day. There were honestly so many of them that for a while it seemed like they outnumbered all the gearheads there checking out the goodies from their favorite brands. One woman honestly cleaned the same car four times in five minutes. (Yes, I counted.)

The highlights of the BMW display included the i3 and i8 electric vehicles. I’ve written about these babies for months, but finally climbing inside (just the i3, as the i8 was blocked off from butts longing to sit atop its leather seats; I had one of those butts) was a really awesome experience.


The BMW i8 has some seriously awesome scissor doors.

I never expected the i3 to be as roomy as it was. It reminded me of my own Toyota Yaris (Bartleby), which is shockingly more spacious in the front than you’d think from looking at the outside. Even the rear seating of the i3 was actually comfortable, although I think I’d have to call shotgun if I weren’t driving; I’ve got obnoxiously long legs. (Maybe I have a future in car modeling, although I don’t think I could fit in those seemingly mandatory stilettos.) For all of you luxury drivers who are looking for an alternative fuel option, the i3 hits American shores this May.

BMW NAIAS Display: i3 rear

Lots of trunk space for the i3.

The recently unveiled M3 and M4 were on display as well. In my infinite wisdom, I only managed to record these words on the experience: “M3 color choice is really awesome. M4 color choice looks like gold crap.”


I really like the color that BMW selected for this M3.

BMW NAIAS Display: M4

But I couldn’t get over this color for the M4. You can see how unenthusiastic I am about climbing inside.

MINI was right around the corner of BMW, so we made a brief stop, or a mini one. (Anyone, anyone?) Marci snapped a few photos, and then we turned our eyes toward Kia, which was probably one of our favorite displays of the whole show.

MINI NAIAS display

MINI’s display left a bit to be desired.


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