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BREAKING: The GMC Hummer EV Will Have a Crab Mode

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Hummer EV debut
Mark your calendar for Oct. 20 to witness the Hummer EV’s debut
Photo: General Motors

Antsy for the GMC Hummer EV’s October release date? You’re not alone. Now, there’s one new reason to get excited for this beast: it has a crabwalk function.

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Crab Mode

Per GM Authority, the crabwalk function is a unique four-wheel-steering system that gives the Hummer EV the ability to travel diagonally. It’s a useful mode that could prove helpful in maneuvering the SUV over challenging terrain when moving forward or in reverse just isn’t feasible.

Check out the automaker’s teaser video to catch this cool new drive mode in action.


GMC Hummer EV vs. Crab

As you might’ve guessed, the ability to move sideways is one of the few ways that the Hummer EV and crabs are similar. (Though, you might also notice that both Hummer EVs and crabs have a rigid outer shell — er um, exoskeleton — to protect them as they go about their daily existence.)

Just for kicks, though, we’ve rounded up some key ways that the Hummer EV and crabs are different, with a little help from the Marine Biological Association of the U.K.

What they eat

Most crabs are omnivores. This means that they alternate between eating seaweed, preying on small animals, and feeding on dead plant and animal matter.

By contrast, the Hummer EV “eats” only green energy. Per Car and Driver, you’ll have a choice of one, two, or three electric motors when customizing your Hummer EV.

Average size

The smallest crabs are pea crabs (males typically measure less than a third of an inch wide) while the largest ones are Japanese spider crabs (which typically measure around 12 feet wide).

The Hummer EV comes in just one size: GINORMOUS. On a serious note, we’ll have to wait until this model’s official debut on Oct. 20 to find out its exact dimensions. But we already know it’s going to have hulk-sized proportions, based on its 11,500 lb-ft of torque and 1,000 horsepower max capacities, as GM has revealed.

Where they live

Most crabs can be found in saltwater environments. Though, some species can be found on land or freshwater.

The natural habitat of the Hummer EV is land. However, GMC has designed this rugged monster to withstand anything that the weather and road can throw at it.

And no matter where you take your Hummer EV, you can rest assured that it will have the stamina and driving range to outpace even the most resilient of crabs. (Car and Driver estimates that it’ll have a 400-mile electric range).

Join us in counting down to Oct. 20 as we wait for more details on the GMC Hummer EV. And read this preview of what we know so far about this exciting new addition to the GMC family.

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