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Buick Creates OnStar Smart Driver Program

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Helen Emsley is now the design boss for both GMC and Buick

In the interest of keeping Buicks out of the auto body shop (and Buick drivers out of the hospital), the automotive brand has rolled out OnStar Smart Driver, a safety program designed to develop better driving skills.

The opt-in service just recently became available for most 2015-17 model year Buicks as part of the OnStar Basic Plan, at no additional cost to subscribers. Designed to help owners maximize their Buick’s efficiency and performance and reduce wear and tear over time, OnStar Smart Driver should help them save money over the lifetime of the vehicle.

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Customers who enroll will have access to info about their own driving, available on Facts and figures Smart Drivers can learn about themselves include:

  • OnStar Smart Driver score – calculated with driving data that can be sorted by day, week, month, year and lifetime
  • Historical OnStar Smart Driver scores
  • Total number of hard braking events and where they took place
  • Total number of hard acceleration events and where they took place
  • High-speed driving percentage
  • Late-night driving percentage
  • Total miles driven
  • Average MPG and MPH
  • Comparisons to the aggregate total of all other enrolled drivers
  • Helpful tips on how to become a smarter driver

Buick customers may are also able to enroll in the Insurance Discounts Eligibility portion of the service, a risk-free way for them to see if their driving behavior qualifies them for discounts, without divulging any of their personal details to insurance companies.

Currently, participating insurance companies include Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and Nationwide. Good driving behavior can lead to up to 30% off of car insurance for well-behaved drivers.

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