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Buick Enclave Tuscan Edition Appears to Be A Thing Maybe

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2015 Buick Enclave

2015 Buick Enclave
© General Motors

If there’s anything that we can tell you with the utmost confidence, it’s that an automaker filing for a trademark doesn’t always mean something will come of it. For reference, see every time people got excited (and ultimately disappointed) by trademarks filed for Supra or Bronco.

Generally speaking, however, GM’s trademarks pay off in some way or another. For reference, see GearOn, CT6, Sierra Elevation, and Chevy Bolt. Even those that haven’t paid off have shown promise for some future use—it’s widely believed that a future mid-engined Corvette will indeed wear the Zora moniker, and—despite contradiction from Duncan Aldred and Mark Reuss—it is pretty likely that the name Badlands will be affixed to some future variant of the Colorado or Canyon.

The latest GM trademark to be unearthed is the Enclave Tuscan, which covers an “option package for a motor vehicle comprising 20-inch 10-spoke two-toned painted wheels, bronze mesh grill, and premium exterior paint sold as a unit as a feature of an automobile.”

Enclave Tuscan USPTO

Gee, wonder what this could lead to.

GM Authority is under the distinct impression that a special edition Enclave Tuscan will make an appearance at the upcoming New York Auto Show, but—aside from their word and a bit of educated guessing—there’s nothing to confirm its appearance. Given that the other GM brands are all doing something of note—Cadillac with the CT6, Chevrolet with the new Spark and Malibu, and GMC (possibly) with the new Terrain—it stands to reason that Buick would have something new on-hand to spark some buzz around the brand.

Via: GM Authority