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Buick Files a Trademark for the “Envista” Nameplate

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Could a realized version of the Buick Avista concept vehicle finally be on the way?

The Buick Avista Concept recently made its Canadian debut at the Montreal International Auto Show
A version of the Avista might finally be added to Buick’s lineup
Photo: © General Motors

One of the hallmarks of the Buick brand is a recurring use of the prefix “En-” for the names of the vehicles in its recent model lineup. This phenomenon can be observed with Buick’s SUVs: the Encore, the Enclave, and the Envision.

According to a recent trademark filing from General Motors, another “En-” vehicle may be joining the Buick ranks soon. GM just applied to register the “Envista” nameplate.

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The Spanish phrase “en vista” translates to “in view.” This could be where Buick developed the “Envista” moniker from.

The name also bears a striking resemblance to the Buick Avista nameplate. The Avista is a Buick two-door coupe concept vehicle that was first introduced back in 2016.

With the two titles being so similar, the Buick Envista might just be the Buick Avista as a realized vehicle. The name could have been changed to better match the rest of the Buick lineup, and Buick is down a passenger car after discontinuing the Cascada.

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On the other hand, the Buick Envista might very well be a concept vehicle in its own right. The trademark filing only notes that the name will be used for motor land vehicles, not whether the vehicle in question will enter production or not.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Buick is working on two more vehicles with the “En-” prefix.  The rumored monikers include “Envoy” and “Enspire.”

Whether or not the rumored Buick Envista emerges as a production model or just a conceptual vehicle, this likely isn’t the last we’ve heard from Buick regarding the “Envista” nameplate.

News Source: GM Authority