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Buick Sales Down by 12 Percent During the Second Quarter of 2018

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Mixed sales for Buick's sedans and SUVs led to a significant sales decline for the brand during the year's second quarter

2018 Buick LaCrosse Avenir

In a market that is moving away from sedans, Buick’s sales are suffering

During the second quarter of the year, Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac all experienced varying degrees of overall sales growth. However, there was one GM brand that lost sales during this time period: Buick.

In fact, Buick sales were down by 12 percent during the second quarter of the year.

Benefits of Buick: Why Buy Buick?

During the months of April, May, and June, Buick sold a total of 52,891 vehicles. During those same months in 2017, Buick sold 60,111 vehicles.

Much of this sales loss can be attributed to a declining interest in sedans. For example, Buick LaCrosse sales were down by 44.7 percent during the year’s second quarter, with only 4,053 units of the model sold during that period.

That isn’t to say that all of Buick’s passenger cars have lost sales. Indeed, the Buick Regal managed to achieve some major sales success during the previous quarter, with sales for the model up by 42 percent.

The Regal’s diverse lineup offers something for everyone to love

The Buick Regal’s rise in popularity can be attributed in part to its diverse lineup of models. Consumers can now choose between the Buick Regal Sportback, the Buick Regal GS, or the Buick Regal TourX.

Year-to-date, sales for the Regal are up by 26.7 percent. Meanwhile, sales for the LaCrosse are down by 9.7 percent so far this year.

Dare To Compare: Buick Enclave vs. Honda Pilot

Surprisingly, sales for Buick’s SUVs and crossovers were also mixed. Models like the Enclave experienced some significant sales growth, with a 25.4 percent sales increase for the Buick Enclave.

On the other hand, the Buick Envision suffered the most substantial sales losses of any Buick model during the year’s second quarter. Envision sales were down by 48.1 percent, with just 7,118 units sold during that period.

The Envision isn’t faring much better in terms of year-to-date sales. During the first half of the year, Buick Envision sales were down by 25.7 percent.

2018 Buick Envision

Not even Buick’s SUVs were safe from sales losses

Buick’s strong first quarter helped mitigate the effects of this disappointing second quarter. Yet, Buick’s overall sales are still down by 0.6 percent so far in 2018.

You can take a look at how each Buick model performed using the chart below:

Buick Second Quarter 2018 Sales