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Buick Sponsors Boss Button for March Madness Because BRANDING

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Buick is once again seeded as the sole automotive sponsor of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship tournament, which means that the brand’s logo is sitting in plain view on the bracket that you’ve no doubt already filled out by now.

Buick Branding NCAA

Ya know, in case you missed it

One of Buick’s biggest contributions to NCAA March Madness 2015, however, may well be its sponsorship of “The Boss Button.”

This is for serious. If you are streaming games through the NCAA website, you’ll notice a small button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. When pressed, the “BOSS BUTTON” minimizes your window to make it appear that you are working, doing class-work, or doing…dunno…home stuff or something.

Buick Branding NCAA

Oh, you know, just doing a spreadsheet, boss

Since Buick is the sponsor of the Boss Button, whatever pops up has Buick branding all over it. Since it’s got Buick all over it, it makes your off-slacking a little bit less convincing if the person monitoring you is paying even an iota of attention…unless you work for Buick, that is.

Our advice: just watch the highlights at home. Your bracket is probably already busted anyway, no sense losing your job along with your $5 pay-in.