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Buick to Air Expensive Commercial During Football Game With Trademarked Name

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Buick’s new Super Bowl commercial will include Emily Ratajkowski, Odell Beckham Jr., and the Cascada convertible

A scene from the Buick commercial that aired during last year’s gross display of football decadence

With the conclusion of Sunday’s football matches, we now know that February’s THE LARGE GAME™®© will pit either the cold cheese team helmed by Cheddar-Hat Insurance Man or the red-and-black bird team led by Who is This Boring Person with Two First Names against either the black and yellow team led by Globby Probable Sex Criminal or the cheaty America team commanded by Steel-Jaw McProbablyVotedforMyFascistGolfBuddy. It will be the premier spectacle at the conclusion of another great season from Major Sports Organization, led by Insipid Doofus Who Thinks Brains Don’t Mind Being Exploded.

What we also now know: during aforesaid THE LARGE GAME™®©, wherein two of the four aforementioned teams will play one another in a violent bout of Who Can Score the Most Points with a Leather Almond, there will be commercial breaks. During at least one of those commercial breaks, there will be a Buick commercial. Start getting your broccoli dips ready!

Buick announced last week that it has paid some ungodly exorbitant amount of money for 30 precious seconds of airtime during THE LARGE GAME™®©. While the details of this commercial are as-yet undisclosed, Automotive News reports that the ad “will build on the brand’s ‘That’s not a Buick’ campaign that mocks outdated misperceptions of it.” Because, as you know, there is no better way to mock an outdated concept than to pay millions and millions of dollars to do so during a football fight!

“We’ve reached halftime in our new product rollout as we enter 2017 and are excited to again be a part of the big game as we continue to grow awareness and shift perception of our brand,” Buick said in a statement.

Buick aired a commercial during last year’s 50th running of THE LARGE GAME™®©, marking the first time in the brand’s history it had ever done so. The commercial featured model Emily Ratajkowski and footballer Odell Beckham Jr., whose New York They Might Be Labeled Giants were not invited to compete in THE LARGE GAME™®© because they didn’t score enough of the points.

Buick is likely to reveal a new, redesigned Enclave; a new-look, Opel Insignia-based Regal; and launch its Avenir sub-brand sometime in 2017, making those products top candidates to feature in the brand’s commercial during THE LARGE GAME™®©. Guess you’ll have to wait and see what they do on the day where they play the game and air the commercials. Be sure to be there with your chicken wings on!

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)