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Buick’s New Slant on “That’s Not a Buick”: Just Add Dogs

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Hey Champ That's Not a Buick Woof

Buick has launched a new commercial that is in many ways similar to the popular “That’s Not a Buick” ad campaign. The key difference in these ads, however, is that Buick is replacing people with dogs. Barking dogs. Barking dogs barking in discussion about whether the human vehicle in the driveway is a Buick or not a Buick.




It’s a Buick.



End Spoilers.



Well, anyway. Here’s the commercial. It’s called “Woof.” Please enjoy.

Heh. Not bad.

Dog Wearing Sunglasses


In any case, Buick is expanding upon this commercial by allowing its fans to visit and submit videos of their dogs barking, which are then spliced into the original commercial. The result: you can share a video of your dog arguing with another dog over an Enclave is a Buick or not with your friends. Buick even found away to relay the instructions to you, the human, via dog barking.

Just Shoot a Video of them Barking


As of press, there are 63 videos on Buick’s YouTube channel of subtitled dogs barking at each other. They’re all pretty run of the mill. At least, all of them except for one:


Unknown Buick Woof

Hm. Weird

We were curious as to why every video followed a similar format but for that one, known simply as “unknown.” We tried to ignore it, but the idea of it grew large and heavy in our brains as the day wore on. After distracting ourselves with Buick’s endless barks, all speaking to us one after another, all forcing us to question perception and reality and the thin barrier that separates them, we felt drawn back in. It writhed around us, coiled and ferocious and irresistible.

So we clicked.


And we waited.


And then a hellbeast ate us.

Garth Marenghi