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Cadillac Introduces More Efficient XT5 Mild Hybrid Variant in China

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Cadillac XT5 mild hybrid China

Cadillac has revealed a new iteration of its XT5 crossover that employs a mild hybrid system. Bowing in August at the Chengdu Motor Show, the XT5 28E adds a nine-speed automatic transmission and reduces estimated fuel consumption to 7.9 liters/100 km (29.8 mpg).

The Cadillac XT5 MHEV will be offered in two trims: XT5 28E Advanced and XT5 28E Platinum, both of which are standard with 4WD. These two vehicles replace the 28T Advanced 4WD and 28T Platinum 4WD in Cadillac’s lineup, and they will carry the same price points of RMB 479,900 (approximately $72,372 USD) and RMB 539,900 (approximately $81,420 USD), respectively.

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The mild hybrid system utilizes an electric motor that helps to boost power at increased speeds and recharges when braking and cruising. It also enables start/stop cylinder deactivation, which helps improve fuel economy without diminishing acceleration.

The nine-speed automatic transmission adds an additional gear at the lower and medium speed ranges that helps improve the XT5’s low-speed gear ratio and boosts acceleration when climbing to greater speeds. Electronic Transmission Range Selection (ETRS) technology automatically shifts the vehicle into park after engine shutdown, helping to further promote increased efficiency.

Additionally, the Cadillac XT5 MHEC gets updates for the Cadillac User Experience (CUE), allowing it to monitor the system’s performance and keep an eye on power flow.

Otherwise, the XT5 MHEV is ostensibly the same vehicle that has become a major hit among new vehicle shoppers in China. Since deliveries began in April 2016, Cadillac has sold more than 63,000 examples.

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