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Cadillac Teases Fans with a Flying Car

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Cadillac badge on the grille of the 2021 Cadillac XT6
Photo: Cadillac

Earlier in January, headlines screamed to the world that Cadillac was giving the world a flying car. The world was abuzz with excitement, all coming from the direction of the Consumer Electronics Show.

In case you haven’t heard of it, CES is a huge annual technology show held in Las Vegas. Companies from around the world compete by showing off their flashiest pieces of tech to gain headlines and impress attendees. In recent years, automotive companies have presented at the event to reach an audience outside of normal car fan groups.

Close to Flying: The cockpit of a current Cadillac is packed with advanced features

This year, Cadillac unveiled the Cadillac eVTOL air taxi during its press conference. The electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle would reportedly travel at speeds up to 56 miles per hour, but that’s all we really know about it. Many industry experts were surprised by its inclusion in the high-profile presentation. You have to wonder how quickly they decided to unveil it at CES, especially considering that there are still no details about it on GM or Cadillac’s press release site.

You can see a screenshot of the Cadillac eVTOL air taxi in CNET’s Twitter feed.

At first I was really excited that a flying car could finally be on the way. But then I remembered that concept cars were a thing and had to step away from my work-from-home station for a fresh cup of tea.

Concept Tech on Sales Floors: Learn more about Cadillac’s advanced Super Cruise Technology

While car companies do bring their latest and greatest tech to CES and other shows, they also show off concept cars. They are meant to catch the eye and highlight the company’s most advanced designs. Unfortunately, most of these vehicles never enter production, and we’re lucky if showcased technologies come to fruition.

I’ll remain excited about the potential to fly the skies in Cadillac style, but I certainly won’t be holding my breath.