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9 Careers in the EV Industry

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As electric vehicle (EV) sales continue to grow, it’s only natural for young adults to start focusing on career paths that would foster the development of this industry. Here are nine professions worth exploring if you’re interested in pursuing a job in the EV field.

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Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers work on technology systems such as vehicle lighting and visual displays, as well as air-conditioning and heating systems. They’re also involved with designing the electrical circuitry which enables an EV to transfer electricity from its battery to its electric motor.

Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers use their knowledge of the chemical properties of materials to improve car batteries and create new battery designs. They specialize in planning and testing out battery manufacturing methods, as well as the actual car batteries.

Electronics Engineer

Although this job title has some overlap with the electrical engineer title, this individual is focused on control systems and other electronic technology that EVs use (rather than on how the EV uses and distributes electricity).


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Materials Engineer

This role focuses on developing, processing, and testing substances used in EVs. Materials engineers also seek out more environmentally friendly resources to incorporate into EV production, such as using recycled materials in vehicle upholstery.

Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers are in charge of streamlining processes and increasing team effectiveness. A person in this field often has to revamp conventional auto plants to EV plants, as well as implement new technology and production procedures.

Mechanical Engineer

Another type of engineer position, this one deals heavily with designing and developing machines, engines, tools, and systems that EVs use. They also play a primary role in testing EV systems and equipment.


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Software Developer

EVs rely heavily on onboard computers to activate certain functions, such as using the engine to charge the battery or distributing the right portion of electricity to power the EV. A software developer supports the onboard computers by developing and tweaking the software these devices use.

Commercial and Industrial Designer

Individuals in this role are experts in the function, style, safety, and quality of EVs. They collaborate with other designers and engineers to make sure that the vehicle adheres to specific requirements while taking customer preferences into account. They also have to prepare diagrams and sketches to illustrate the proposed design improvements.

Mechanical Drafter

Mechanical drafters create detailed drawings about how to assemble mechanical systems and machinery. They often use CADD systems in the drafting process.



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