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Celtics Fan’s Jeep Wrangler Runs on LeBron James Tears

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A Boston Celtics superfan's has a Jeep Wrangler tire cover that shows LeBron James crying

This Boston Celtics superfan’s Jeep Wrangler is apparently fueled by Hatorade

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve been blessed with a viral photo that seems to encapsulate all things Irish: Celtics, shamrocks, Boston, and the aggressive holding of grudges.

This Celtics fan’s Jeep Wrangler features the basketball-themed window decals and vanity plate one might expect to see in Beantown, but also ups the ante with a tire cover that shows NBA All-Star LeBron James crying (presumably after reading the latest K900 sales figures).

LeBron was a key figure in the heated Miami Heat-Boston Celtics rivalry, which first began to wane after Celtics stars Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry were traded to the Brooklyn Nets. At the time, James predicted there would be no intense Brooklyn-Miami rivalry as a result of the trade, because Brooklyn fans don’t “hate” as well as Bostonians (or “Massholes,” as they’re known in the sports world).

“Brooklyn doesn’t have that,” LeBron said at the time. “Obviously, they have great fans, but Boston has that hatred. You kind of inherit not only going against those guys, but you inherit going against those fans as well.”

It seems LeBron may have been right about Boston’s trademark hatred, considering he has since taken his talents from Miami to Cleveland, yet this Jeep owner is still driving around New England with a picture of King James weeping.

Piece of advice: while this particular Wrangler may be able to handle rocky terrain, it should probably avoid the streets of Cleveland.

Via: SB Nation