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“Chad Kroeger” and “Bodhi” Propose Paul Walker Statue at San Clemente City Council Meeting [VIDEO]

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Chad Kroeger and Bodhi Johnson request Paul Walker statue at San Clemente city council meeting

Not all heroes where capes, my friends.

For example—this heroic dude, who went to a San Clemente, California city council meeting to propose that the town erect a 12-foot tall statue of the late, great Fast and Furious star Paul Walker. Instead of a cape, this surfer bro hero (whose name, of course, is Chad) wore a short-sleeved Tommy Bahama shirt (made formal by the addition of a striped tie), along with a winter cap with the word “BACON” written on it (which, as he explained to an inquiring city councilman, is unrelated to the Paul Walker statue—he just really likes bacon).

Chad’s righteous request begins at the 30:30 mark:

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Although the powers that be were unmoved by Chad’s request for a Paul Walker statue, they did find some common ground, with one city councilman saying that he “completely agree[s] with” the sentiment that “bacon’s just awesome.”

After Chad’s statue initiative was shot down with a “no, sorry bro,” the next speaker—a Mr. Bodhi Johnson—addressed the council with the same futile yet passionate request. He even held up a graphic tee depicting the dearly departed “P-Dubs,” to show the council what pose they have in mind for the statue.

Alas, Bodhi’s pleas also fell on deaf ears, and the council quickly turned its attentions to more serious matters, beginning with Jennifer Massie’s questions about nuclear waste disposal—a total bummer of a topic.

Now before you weep too many tears for this dream deferred, it should be noted that these guys might not be entirely sincere in their convictions. The first dude calls himself “Chad Kroeger,” which he seems to have stolen from the frontman of much-maligned Canadian rock band Nickelback, and the second dude calls himself “Bodhi,” the name of Patrick Swayze’s philosophizing surfer/bank-robber character in Point Break.

In fact, the men behind the fratty nom-de-plumes are actually Tom Allen and Spencer Kalendar, two comedians who pulled the stunt as a joke.

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But hey, who knows? Things that start off as jokes oftentimes become all-too real (cough—the Trump candidacy—cough). Perhaps, if there’s a big enough public outcry, the city of San Clemente will end up honoring the legacy of the inspiring actor whose cousin totally went to high school there for at least a couple of semesters.

Via: The AV Club