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Chevy Bolt to Use Over-The-Air Software Updates

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A 2017 Chevy Bolt EV charging

Recalls have long been a problem for automakers (especially in the past few years). Not only is there the expense of fixing the problem, there is also deploying that information to the dealers, contacting the owners of the affected vehicles, and getting each to laboriously come in to the dealership to get the problem fixed. This process is the same whether you have a leaking fuel line or a malfunctioning software program.

However, the latter of those two problems will soon be much easier to remedy for drivers of the new Chevy Bolt, which has been confirmed to feature over-the-air-update capabilities within a year or so after its introduction. While this would not be the first vehicle to feature the ability (or the first electric car), this is a first for General Motors. As a result, GM is focusing heavily on cyber security for the update service.

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Pam Fletcher, Chef Executive Engineer at GM, highlighted that issue while at the Citi Global Technology Conference, saying, “We take that [cyber security] very seriously and we were the first major automaker to establish a dedicated cyber security team. Our Chief Cyber Security Officer Jeff Massimilla, is the Vice-Chairman of the Auto ISAC Alliance along Cyber Security, so we take it very seriously and we really wanted to have all the necessary safeguards in place so that we could do over-the-air programming safely and securely on the Bolt EV.”

The Bolt is set to begin deliveries later this year, so according to Fletcher’s estimates the over-the-air updates would most likely begin starting in November or December of 2017.

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News Source: Electrek, GM Authority