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Clever Hyundai India Commercial for i20 Active Brings Crosswalks to Life

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Hyundai India Commercial for i20 Active Green pedestrian crossing figure escapes

He’s breaking out and cutting loose!
Photo: Hyundai India via YouTube

The Hyundai i20 Active has enjoyed a successful month following its debut in March–especially since it avoided the bad press the Elite i20 received over safety concerns recently. This wave of popularity includes an entertaining commercial released by Hyundai India that promotes the active lifestyle of the compact SUV in a very clever way.

You can watch the video below.

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Hyundai i20 Active Frees Bored Crosswalk Signals

In the 60-second commercial for the i20 Active, we meet a lonely green crosswalk signal who’s been stuck in the same monotonous pattern for as long as he can remember. That day in, day out feeling is something we can all relate to.

After seeing a shiny brown i20 Active pull up to the curb, the pedestrian crossing figure throws his arms up and breaks the glass holding him back. Stepping out into the world for the first time, the green figure knows what he wants and confidently strides toward it: the alluring i20 Active. With a coy smile toward the woman in the passenger’s seat, he slides into the driver’s seat and takes the wheel…as he suddenly takes on human form.

As the man takes the i20 for a spin through puddles and construction zones, the vehicle’s features are highlighted: projector headlamps with LED DRL, high ground clearance, R16 diamond-cut alloy wheels, and cornering lamps.

Hyundai India Commercial for i20 Active water splash

One of the many great shots of the i20 Active in action
Photo: Hyundai India via YouTube

The commercial has received high praise from viewers for its appealing portrayal of the lifestyle associated with the i20 Active and the rocking soundtrack by Naozad Patel (featuring Siddharth Basrur, lead singer for Mumbai’s progressive metal band Goddess Gagged). The precise editing that matches the footage to the music also emphasizes the vehicle’s performance.

While we certainly agree the commercial is likable, it raises a lot of questions. How did the green crosswalk figure grow five feet taller? Who was driving the i20 before the man got into the driver’s seat? Did the woman move to the passenger’s seat or was there another driver who left the car momentarily? Did the green crosswalk figure actually steal the car from someone? Did the green figure turn into Bradley Cooper?

Perhaps this commercial was far more sinister than we realized…

Hyundai India Commercial for i20 Active Green pedestrian crosswalk feet

Watch out– digital Gumby’s headed for the Hyundai!
Photo: Hyundai India via YouTube

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