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Deepsoft Leather one of Many Reasons to Watch 2015 Lincoln MKC

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Deepsoft LeatherIf you haven’t been paying attention to the 2015 Lincoln MKC, you might want to start. The MKC has been selling like the proverbial hotcake in its first two months of sales, leading even some of Lincoln’s biggest critic to admit that the luxury brand competitor has a pulse. Rumors of Lincoln’s death may have indeed been greatly exaggerated, and the MKC is a big reason why. While we’re not going to say that Deepsoft leather is one of the primary reasons so many people have been snapping up the MKC, it’s reasonable to assume that it’s a factor.

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Bridge of Weir

Hey, look! Young people enjoying the MKC!

Deepsoft leather is ostensibly an updated version of the Bridge of Weir® Fine Scottish Leather seating that has starred in Lincoln vehicles for 60 years.

“Deepsoft leather is unique from any product we’ve ever made, truly a luxury cue exclusive to Lincoln,” said Ray Torrance, Lincoln account manager for Bridge of Weir in Troy, Michigan. “We’re thrilled to be so closely associated with an exciting new product like the Lincoln MKC.”

Deepsoft is described as semi-aniline, which means that its soft feel is gifted by a partial protectant treatment. It’s chromium-free, non-embossed, and naturally milled. Rather than quick-drying in two hours, Deepsoft leather dries slowly over 16 hours, giving it what is described as a “soft, buttery feel.”

Deepsoft leather: for those who like their seating like they like their theater popcorn.

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Also worth noting: Scottish Leather Group operates under a set of Five Freedoms, drawn up by the Farm Animal Wellfare Council, which encourages their leather supplier to ensure than farmers maintain humane practices in raising their animals.

Keep an eye out on the MKC, folks. It might just be the turning point that Lincoln has been looking for.Deepsoft Leather