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Delivery Driver Stabbed, Robbed of Jeep, Still Delivers Pizzas

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Spinelli's Pizzeria delivery driver Josh Lewis

Spinelli’s Pizzeria delivery driver Josh Lewis

An inspiringly devoted pizza delivery driver in Louisville, Kentucky, actually managed to complete a delivery order after being stabbed and carjacked by an unknown assailant.

Of course, it helps that he happened to be delivering the pizzas to a hospital to begin with…

The driver, 19-year old Josh Lewis, works for Spinelli’s Pizzeria in downtown Louisville. On Monday, May 4th, Lewis was delivering pizzas to someone at Norton Hospital. He was attacked shortly after arriving there at around 2:45 pm.

“It’s surreal. I can’t believe it happened to him,” Spinelli’s manager Willow Rouben told WLKY. “As he was taking the pizzas out of his car and walking to deliver the pizza, he was stabbed in the back. Believe it or not, he got his pizzas delivered and collapsed in the ER.”

Lewis, a college student from Detroit, was driving a black Jeep Cherokee with gold racing stripes, a light blue trim, and Michigan tags (license number CDY6122).

Pizzaman Dan's Corvette

With his Jeep gone, maybe Lewis can borrow Pizzaman Dan’s Corvette for his next delivery
Photo Credit: Jenn Harris/Los Angeles Times

According to reports, Lewis (described as a “tough kid” by other employees) suffered a collapsed lung, as the blade stuck in his chest cavity. He was rushed to an emergency unit for surgery, and according to sources, is making a speedy recovery.

Based on Lewis’ insane commitment to getting those pizzas delivered, one might naturally assume that Spinelli’s motto is “Delivery in 30 Minutes or Less, or we Commit Seppuku!” Apparently, though, it was Lewis’ own decision to go well above and beyond the call of duty by making sure the pizzas were delivered before tending to his collapsed lung.

“Safety is our main priority,” Rouben said. “We do credit cards after midnight so they’re not walking around with large sums of cash.”

No word on what kind of tip Lewis received for his courage under fire, but we’d say he deserved more than the usual 20%.

News Source: WLKY