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Diesel Engines Lose Popularity in UK as Tides Turn to Gasoline, Alternative Fuels

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Volkswagen NAIAS Display: e-Golf

Electric vehicles, such as the plug-in pictured above, are quickly becoming a popular vehicle choice for UK businesses

Across the world, businesses are jumping onto the “going green” train, and companies in the United Kingdom are no exception. A recent study has found that business in the UK are slowly moving away from using diesel-fueled vehicles in their fleets.

The new study, which was completed by vehicle-leasing company, shows that business of all sizes are picking fuel-efficient gasoline engines and alternative-fuel vehicle options, such as hybrids and electric vehicles, over diesel power.

It’s Electric: Check out the updates to the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle discovered this trend by studying figures compiled by lease- and fleet-management specialist Arval. In Arval’s 2016 Corporate Vehicle Observatory Barometer, it was predicted that the use of diesel in UK’s fleets will decrease 5% overall by 2021. After seeing this prediction, then looked at its own data from January to July, comparing it year-over-year.

The company found that in this time frame in 2015, diesel made up 86% of car-leasing deals, while gasoline consisted of 12.8%. The remainder was made up by alternative-fuel vehicles. In 2016, though, the data from January to July showed a different pattern with diesel receiving 79.3% of the share, gasoline increasing to 17.6% and alternative fuels increasing to 3.1%.

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With more businesses becoming more aware of their carbon footprint because of both societal and governmental pressures, it should come as no surprise that the change in fleet vehicle choices has already made itself known. It will come as no surprise if Arval’s fleet predictions come true sooner than 2021.

News Source: Wards Auto