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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Shows off Muscles with Record Quarter Mile

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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Breaks Quarter Mile Record

The High Horse Performance Challenger Hellcat broke a quarter-mile record earlier this week

If there ever was a car put on this earth as the epitome of a muscle car, it would be the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. This supercharged beast practically roars with power—so much so that Dodge has even released a ring tone for Hellcat lovers. The Challenger Hellcat’s power is especially impressive when it’s seen a few aftermarket tweaks and takes on a quarter-mile track.

Recently, High Horse Performance gave a 2015 Challenger Hellcat a number of tweaks to truly unleash the beast. The list of modifications include American racing headers and exhaust system, AFE Momentum cold air intake, and—most importantly—a nitrous kit set up for 150-shot.

With these kinds of modifications, it comes as no surprise that High Horse Performance has turned this special Hellcat into a record-breaking monster.

VIDEO: Watch the Challenger Hellcat’s Record-Breaking Quarter Mile Time

In just 9.77 seconds, the modified Hellcat crosses the finish line with ease. It reached a top speed of 135.92 miles per hour. This makes the stock Hellcat’s time of 10.85 seconds at 126.18 mph look like chump change.

With this 9.77-second time, the High Horse Performance Challenger Hellcat is the fastest Hellcat in the world. Though it’s not the first Hellcat to break 9 seconds, it’s still a mighty impressive, power-hungry machine.

News Source: Yahoo! News