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Electric Car Shopping Guide

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Besides gleaning information about how to charge an electric vehicle (EV), there are a few ways to prepare yourself for EV ownership. Here are a few points to consider as you navigate the shopping process.

Research incentives and tax credits

While the federal EV tax credit is $7,500, be aware that this credit only applies to the first 200,000 EVs that a manufacturer sells. Tesla has already met this number back in July of this year. It’s expected that GM will reach this mark early in 2019 (so, if you’re considering a Chevy Bolt, you might need to act fast). If the EV that you’re considering does qualify for the federal tax credit, know that you’ll receive the tax credit after (not before) you file the expense of the EV on your annual tax return. You can also investigate if your state offers incentives for EV buyers by going to this website.

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Reconsider range

Some consumers use an EV as a secondary vehicle, for shorter trips, while saving their conventional gas vehicle for longer ones. So, depending on how long your daily commute is, you might be able to get away with a shorter range than you might think. Especially if you plug in your vehicle overnight to recharge. Though, if you still want the peace of mind that an extensive range affords, the 2019 Chevy Bolt is hard to beat, with a 238-mile range.

Test-drive the smart way

Many EVs come with some type of regenerative braking, which can cause the vehicle to suddenly slow the moment you stop pressing down on the accelerator pedal. Make sure to test out the adjustable modes of regenerative braking that allow you to adjust the vehicle’s settings for this function. It’s also important to know how the EV model’s energy use display works. Make sure to ask the sales rep about smartphone apps that let you monitor how much charge the vehicle has left.

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