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Epic Hyundai Grandeur Ad Features DC Comics Superheroes, City in Peril, Slow-Mo CGI

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Hyundai Grandeur Ad Features DC Comics Superheroes

Metropolis falls…
Photo: AboutHyundai via YouTube

It’s summer and that means it’s time for big-budget blockbusters to saturate our local movie theaters! You’ve probably seen Furious 7 or Avengers 2 by now, but have you seen the latest film starring a trio of DC Comics superheroes?

Well, it’s not really a movie–it’s the latest Korean car commercial from Hyundai advertising the Grandeur (known as the Azera to most of us)–and it’s pretty epic.

You can watch the action-packed Hyundai Grandeur commercial starring Batman, Superman, and The Flash below.


WATCH: Hyundai Grandeur Personified as Superman, Batman, The Flash

The commercial begins with a suspicious-looking man–backpack over his shoulders and sunglasses on–walking casually in a city street as people around him are frantically running around. Clearly, this must be the commercial’s villain–the perpetrator of whatever chaos is ensuing.

Hyundai Grandeur Ad Features DC Comics Superheroes sunglasses

Could this destruction be caused by the suspicious man?
Photo: AboutHyundai via YouTube

The following shots are footage of the city’s destruction (including a building exploding reflected in the suspicious man’s sunglasses) and the commercial’s protagonist–a blond-haired woman.

The city fills with smoke rolling through the streets. Halfway through, the commercial finally breaks to a wide-angle shot showing the cityscape: buildings on fire and collapsing as helicopters swarm around them. It’s an impressive shot–probably the best in the 60-second ad. The CGI is pretty crisp and has the appearance of a big-budget action movie.

Hyundai Grandeur Ad Features DC Comics Superheroes woman screaming running

Introducing a Megan Fox-wannabe
Photo: AboutHyundai via YouTube

At this point, the commercial begins going downhill. The female in peril, panicking, runs through a parking garage as it collapses around her–sparks flaring and flames blazing. Struggling to escape the destruction around her, she cries out (to no one in particular), “Help me!”

As the concrete wall in front of her shatters, who would appear but…Batman, Superman, and The Flash–all rendered in questionable CGI.

Hyundai Grandeur Ad Features DC Comics Superheroes batman superman flash

Three of our favorite superheroes: Batman, Superman, The Flash
Photo: AboutHyundai via YouTube

As the narrator loudly states, “Unexpected lineup,” we can’t help but notice how startled the woman is to see three superheroes appear out of nowhere. It leaves us wondering just who exactly she was calling for help from.

The commercial then reveals the truth–the trio of DC Comics heroes are actually three Hyundai vehicles. White, silver, and grey Hyundai Grandeur sedans appear from the dust as the city collapses in the background. Or perhaps the superheroes are driving the vehicles (Batman in the gasoline, Superman in the diesel, and The Flash in the hybrid). Or was the heroine simply imagining Batman came to rescue her?

The conclusion is pretty vague–apparently a simple idea that was never fleshed out before production.

Hyundai Grandeur Ad Features DC Comics Superheroes cars diesel hybrid

Three Hyundai Grandeur vehicles: gasoline, diesel, hybrid
Photo: AboutHyundai via YouTube

Here’s the biggest problem, though.

Up until the reveal of our beloved DC Comics superheroes, all the special effects look great–crisp cinematography, great orchestral soundtrack, spot-on pacing…and then it cuts to what could be mistaken for cut-scenes from the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game. The commercial loses much of its impact and credibility by using animated superheroes rather than real people.

It’s definitely better than most commercials, simply for its cinematic and fanboy appeal, but the payoff–for as cool as it could’ve been–is quite disappointing.