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“Experience the New Buick” Campaign Points to, Well, the New Buick

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Any true master of an embarrassing situation knows that the art to changing people’s perceptions is being the first to make fun of yourself. Of course, you won’t want to take it too far and end up embarrassing yourself more, like Michael Scott…

Anyway, Buick is pretty aware of the situation it’s carved out for itself. People associate it with age—it’s an old man’s car. Or, at least, it used to be. Buick’s current product lineup is actually fantastic. Unfortunately, no one gives it the time of day because of the instant connection they make with the brand.

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Welp, Buick is looking to change that with the “Experience the New Buick” campaign. (Check out the videos below.) And in the campaign ads, Buick does what any master of an embarrassing situation does best: it pokes fun at itself.

A shot from one of the ads in the new "Experience the New Buick" campaign

A shot from one of the ads in the new “Experience the New Buick” campaign

For example, in one ad, a birthday surprise party is ruined when the guests don’t realize the birthday girl has arrived. They’re keeping their eyes peeled for a Buick, but when a gorgeous car pulls up, they all say, “Nah, she drives a Buick; that isn’t a Buick.” Much to their surprise, of course, it is.

Experience the New Buick

“No, brah, that can’t be a Buick.”

“The whole theme of ‘Experience the New Buick’ is wrapped around the fact that we have a new product portfolio,” Tony DiSalle, vice president of Buick marketing, told MLive. “You look across the entire portfolio and it’s surprising to a lot of people what Buick is today.

“The strategy is it uses the consumer’s widely held misperception of what Buick is and who Buick is for,” DiSalle added. “Buick isn’t a brand that isn’t afraid to smile at itself, and it invites you into the ad.”

As more proof that Buick is succeeding at becoming more youthful, check out some cool stuff the brand did on Vine.

Check out the five “Experience the New Buick” TV ads below:

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