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Experts Recommend Charging Your Electric Car at Off-Peak Times

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While investing in an electric vehicle is a sure-fire way to help benefit the environment, there’s definitely a few practical things you can do to amplify the eco-friendly impact your vehicle has on Mother Earth. One of those things is to recharge your electric vehicle (EV) during off-peak times.

Exactly what are the off-peak times? According to Dan Murtaugh and Mark Chediak, contributors to Bloomberg, it’s either in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night (i.e. right before you go to bed).

As Daniel Brenden, senior power and renewables analyst at BMI Research, articulated, “EVs are either going to be huge problem or a huge tool.” If many EV owners recharge during the morning or evening hours, when the demand on the electric grid peaks, EVs could contribute to emissions, instead of curbing them.

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It turns out that whenever you power up your EV in the morning or evening, during peak charging times, it puts more strain on the electric grid. This, in turn, could trigger the electric power plants to increase their capacity, which will likely mean the creation of fossil-fuel-burning plants. Not only will this increase emissions, but it will also cause the providers to increase their prices, which means you’ll have to shell out more money to recharge your vehicle.

It’s not just important to be aware of the best times to recharge your EV, however. Being sensitive to the limited resources of the electric plants is perhaps equally important. In 2017 alone, EV sales passed the 1 million mark. Per Colin McKerracher, analyst with Bloomberg New Energy Finance, global electricity production needs to increase 5% to keep up with the energy demand that these vehicles will require.

As EV sales continue to surge, it’s important for EV owners to do their part in helping, not hindering the electric power plants their cars rely on. It can definitely be as simple as recharging your car right before you head to bed at night.

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News Source: Bloomberg