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Explained: What Do the Names of the Ford Models Mean?

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While the names of Ford’s vehicles aren’t nearly as unusual as other automakers’ lineups–with most of the American automaker’s titles being actual English words–many of the names actually involve interesting origins you might not know about.

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Where Do Ford Models Get Their Names?

FordC-MAX_exterior02  C-Max  This compact car gets its “C” from the name of an international size class; originally a five-passenger car in Europe, the C-Max retained its name when released in the US.
The Ford Escape crossover comes with new safety and entertainment technology for the 2017 model year, while still maintaining a starting MSRP of $23,600  EdgeEscapeExpedition, & Explorer  Ford’s SUVs all purposefully share similar roots to their names that indicate their adventurous nature. Each name has to do with making a journey into new territory.
The Ford F-150 recently won Strategic Vision’s Total Quality Impact Award in the full-size pickup truck segment  F Series  A designation of class, the F title in Fords’ pickup truck model names denotes a regular Cab on medium- or heavy-duty truck, compared to the E Series and B series of trucks.
2016 Ford Fiesta ST  Fiesta  A spunky compact car, the fun-loving Fiesta gets its name from the Spanish word for “party.” The name–which was actually given to Ford by GM–commemorates the new factory Ford had opened in Spain at the time.
2015 Ford Flex  Flex  Short for “flexible,” this unusual crossover’s name indicates its dedication to being a model offered in many variants and ways to reconfigure it.
Ford Focus  Focus  A lot of controversy surrounds the origin of the Focus name, as it almost was blocked for having the same name as a German magazine. Rumor is that “Focus” was impulsively chosen after the original name leaked.
Ford Fusion - Ford all-wheel drive car sales  Fusion  Because of its utilization of both gasoline and electric power, this sedan’s name emphasizes the combination of components to create a collaborative drivetrain.
2015 Ford Mustang overview  Mustang  Although most people assume the Mustang name comes from the horse, Ford claims the original designer of the car named it after the P-51 Mustang fighter plane from World War II.
2016 Ford Taurus  Taurus  Named after the Latin for bull or bull-like, the Ford Taurus shares its name with the constellation Taurus.

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