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My First Experience at NAIAS

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I was sitting at my desk finishing up a history page for the Ford Fusion when my boss nonchalantly asked me if I felt like road tripping it to Detroit this week for NAIAS. If it hadn’t been over instant messenger, I might have tackled her with a bear hug. (Did she seriously think “No” was an acceptable answer?) I made quick arrangements for the pooch with a doggysitter, packed my bags, and hit the road with my photographer, Marci, on Wednesday morning.

The drive in was riddled with bathroom breaks because Marci apparently has a Chevy Spark as far as bladders go. Not only that, we hit a bit of snow, but nothing Marci’s 2010 Civic Hybrid couldn’t handle. Plus, she’s (nearly) mastered the art of driving with her knees…

first experience at naias

Marci’s knee-driven 2010 Civic Hybrid

We arrived in Detroit shortly after Industry Day began at noon and stopped at our hotel, just down the road from Cobo Center (which incidentally rhymes with “hobo,” much to our misinformed minds’ dismay). After handing off our bags to the concierge and throwing our keys at the valet, we hopped in a shuttle and were off—because we were too lazy to walk, naturally. Hey, sitting in a car for four hours is hard work.

first experience at NAIAS

The view from our hotel: check out that C-Class action.

Luckily, we preordered our tickets, so after waiting in a relatively short line to pick them up, and after one more bathroom break for Marci, it was time to go in.

Strap in, folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


My First Experience at NAIAS

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