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Ford F-Series Takes 8 Spots on IBC’s Top 10 Stolen Vehicles List

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Ford tops list of 2019 Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Canada
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Sure, we all like to think of Canada as being a land filled with far more polite folks than hosers, but there is as much a criminal underbelly to the land of maple syrup and hockey as there is anywhere else on the globe. The Insurance Bureau of Canada tracks car thefts every year and releases an annual list of the most-stolen vehicles in the country. On the 2019 Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles list, Ford proved every bit as dominant as it is when it comes to sales, claiming eight of the 10 spots.

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Per IBC, the Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Canada this year are:  

  1. 2007 Ford F-350 SD 4WD
  2. 2006 Ford F-350 SD 4WD
  3. 2005 Ford F-350 SD 4WD
  4. 2004 Ford F-350 SD 4WD
  5. 2006 Ford F-350 SD 4WD
  6. 2003 Ford F-350 SD 4WD
  7. 2018 Lexus RX350/RX350L/RX450h/RX450hL AWD
  8. 2005 Ford F-250 SD 4WD
  9. 2002 Ford F-250 SD 4WD
  10. 1998 Honda Civic Si

So there you have it: Canadian car thieves really love the Super Duty.

The Globe and Mail notes that all iterations of the Ford F-Series fall before 2007 legislation requiring anti-theft technology in new vehicles. Because of this mandate, auto theft in the country is down 38 percent over the last decade. Thefts were up 1.2 percent in 2018, however, costing Canadians approximately $1 billion.

Ford Canada would not offer The Globe and Mail a comment on the 2019 Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles list, but it did note that Ford has been Canada’s best-selling truck for over 50 years.

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