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Ford Announces Miami-Dade City of Tomorrow Challenge

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Ford Autonomous Vehicle Miami

Earlier this year, Miami was announced as Ford’s choice for a partner city in its autonomous vehicle services pilot. Following up on the partnership between the automaker and Miami-Dade County is a new crowdsourcing platform that encourages local innovators to put forth their best ideas for improving mobility in the region.

Ford and Miami-Dade County — as well as companies including AT&T, Dell Technologies, and Microsoft — are launching the Miami-Dade City of Tomorrow Challenge, which will call upon the community to revolutionize the very idea of mobility in the long term and create a more immediate impact that will benefit the county’s commuters.

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“Miami-Dade has some of the longest commuting times in the United States, so we want to help our residents by making it easier to get the information they need to plan their commutes – and build their confidence in all of the options available to them,” said Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos A. Giménez. “We have joined the City of Tomorrow Challenge because we believe we can strengthen our approach to new mobility by collaborating on new ideas that address our most pressing transportation problems. Great ideas can come from anyone — no matter if they’re college students, business professionals, or commercial drivers.”

Those interested in participating need only visit to register. Involvement includes an Explore phase, during which time participants are asked to share their stories and insights with respect to their mobility experiences in Miami-Dade and in other parts of the world. At press time, there are 289 active participants in the program.

Starting on July 9, participants are encouraged to submit applications with proposals for concrete mobility solutions. Successful applicants stand to receive up to $100,000 in pilot funding to help make their vision a reality.

Ford has also announced City of Tomorrow Challenges in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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