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Today in Bummers: The Ford Bronco Truck is Dead for Now

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2021 Ford Bronco four-door with the roof removed from a high angle
Guess you’ll just have to settle for a killer Bronco SUV for the time being, huh?
Photo: Ford

Disappointment is unfortunately in great abundance these days. Though it’s not as depressing as having to strongly urge your family not to take horse dewormer, the news that Ford isn’t making a Bronco truck is pretty dang sad.

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Automotive News reported Wednesday that sources familiar with Ford’s inner workings have confirmed the demise of the Bronco-based pickup. The plan had been for Ford to launch a rugged Bronco truck in 2024. It would compete against the likes of the Toyota Tacoma TRD, Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, and Jeep Gladiator. But alas.

When reached for comment, Ford’s Mike Levine spoke nothing of the Bronco pickup and instead said “we continue to see strong demand for our full portfolio of rugged trucks and SUVs, including Bronco-brand utilities and our bestselling Ford truck lineup.”

Canceled Bronco truck would have shared space with Ford Ranger

2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Lariat with mud on the front driving on a trail
Ranger Tremor is Ford’s current rugged midsize truck option
Photo: Ford

Had Ford gone ahead with the Bronco pickup truck, it would have given the Blue Oval three trucks below the F-150. Ford rolls out its budget-friendly compact truck, the Maverick, this fall. In 2023, Ford should launch the next-generation Ranger, which could offer up a plug-in hybrid option and possibly the long-desired Raptor performance variant.  

Although there was concern that a Bronco pickup truck could cannibalize Ranger sales, the newly launched Ford Bronco Sport suggests otherwise. Thus far, both the Bronco Sport and Escape are selling well and boosting Ford’s compact crossover shares because they target different demos. But now, it appears that the Ranger will have the space all to itself.

Auto News also notes that a Bronco pickup would have likely featured an internal combustion engine. This would undercut Ford’s goal of 40 percent global sales from electric vehicles by 2030. Ford could, however, opt for a plug-in hybrid powertrain if development of the Bronco truck resumes.

Ford will continue to go to the well with the Bronco name in any case. The Bronco is due for a high-powered performance variant — likely dubbed the Bronco Warthog — and a hybrid version is on the way. Ford has also teased the idea of the Bronco going fully electric sometime down the line. Bookoo Broncos, buds.

Whatever the future holds for the Bronco lineup, be it an EV or a truck or an electric truck, one thing is for certain: You need to stop taking horse dewormer.

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