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Ford Shows Off Two-Door Bronco Prototype for Dealers in Florida

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Ford Bronco sheet

Last month, Ford got a whole bunch of dealers together for a meeting in Palm Beach, Florida, to talk about stuff. Among the stuff discussed: the Ford Bronco, which has been pretty much a ghost since its return was confirmed a little over two years ago in Detroit. But this particular bit of stuff was more than just discussed; Ford brought a two-door Bronco prototype to show off to the attendees, allegedly confirming its plans to spin the Bronco brand off into several off-road vehicles.

So Secretive: What we know (not much) about the Bronco so far

Ford Bronco 2020 logo
Eh, more like 2021, but close

According to Automotive News, “Those in the room said the SUV has a retro design, featuring a rectangular grille, round headlights and the word ‘Bronco’ stamped across the front.” Sources reported that the room was told that there would also be a four-door Bronco, and that both will be customizable with removable doors and hard tops. Ford also showed off a small off-road vehicle that has been unofficially dubbed the Baby Bronco as well as the upcoming 300-mile-range Mustang-inspired electric crossover.

Get ‘em While They’re Young: Gen Z drivers (Gen Zennials?) love small crossovers

Another interesting tidbit to come from sources is the idea that Ford’s confirmed small unibody pickup, which many have assumed will take on the Courier name, will be a part of the Bronco sub-brand. Sources said that the Baby Bronco would likely be the first to hit the market in mid-2020, followed by the two- and four-door Bronco in late 2020 and the compact pickup in 2021.

But the biggest news by far is how far Ford went for its dealer meeting. Setting aside the exclusive reveals, Ford managed to get Joe Namath to make an appearance for its Hall of Fame induction ceremony and score its dealers a private concert from Earth, Wind & Fire. Sounds like a regular Boogie Wonderland.

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)