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Ford GT Application Process to Reopen Later This Year

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Ford GT application

Ford GT ’67 Heritage Edition

If you filed away your answers from the last time Ford opened up applications for the GT supercar, you may want to dust them off and get ready to get nothing once again.

Motor Authority’s Kirk Bell reports that the Ford GT application process is set to open up once again in Q4 2018, offering a limited number of 2019 models to a few lucky and likely influential individuals. Ford last accepted applications for the GT in 2016, ultimately receiving 6,000 from prospective buyers (and plenty of folks with zero chance of ever actually owning one).

Bell notes that Ford originally committed to two years of production for the GT, delivering 250 units for both the 2017 and 2018 model years. Another two-year run of 500 was announced shortly after the initial Ford GT application period, and the reopening of applications would likely accommodate that batch.

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Interestingly, Bell also reports that Ford is currently running a 112-unit deficit in its plans to build a total of 1,000 GT supercars due to Multimatic Inc. taking longer than expected to get up to the projected pace of one vehicle built per business day. When asked, a Ford spokesperson told Bell: “We are building one Ford GT a day and are committed to building the vehicle for at least four years … We’re sticking to our initial commitment of 1,000 vehicles.”

Though you likely have no chance of owning a 2019-2020 Ford GT unless you’re 1.) rich 2.) influential 3.) not John Cena, you can always apply in the hopes that you’ll somehow get lucky. As Bell notes, the 2019 model year will likely get its own Heritage Edition that honors the No. 9 J.W. Automotive Gulf-Oil Ford GT40 driven to victory at the 1968 Le Mans 24 Hours by Pedro Rodriguez and Lucien Bianchi. That, of course, means it’ll be that incredibly desirable blue and orange shade that GT fans love so well — and probably even harder to come by.

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