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Ford Lets You Personalize Your Pony Then Order It On An Actual Mustang Badge

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Personalize Your Pony emblems

Do you like Facebook? Sure you do; you probably just closed the app not five minutes ago after you read some post that peeved you off enough that you are currently formulating an expert, cutting response, as is your duty as an AMERICAN. Do you like the Ford Mustang? Naturally; like arguing politics on Facebook, admiration of the original pony car is as American as apple pie and economic anxiety.

If you like both of these things—and, AMERICAN, so yes—you’ll be pleased to know that the Ford Mustang Facebook page is offering up a Personalize Your Pony experience, where “experience” means crafting a customized pony emblem and setting it as your Facebook profile picture, downloading it on an art print, ordering it on a phone case, or even getting it rendered as an actual badge for your Mustang.

What’s more, if your personalized pony is chosen, your design could feature on billboards in American metropolises from March-June.

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“Driving a Mustang has always been about standing apart from the rest,” said Corey Holter, Ford car group marketing manager. “This is a chance for Mustang fans everywhere to make their very own personalized pony and share it where potentially millions can see it.”

Personalize Your Pony emblems

These designs are crafted using style packs matching themes like Shelby, Roush, Bullitt, and RTR Vehicles. Selectable colors include those available on the 2018 Mustang—Lightning Blue, Triple Yellow, Kona Blue, and Royal Crimson to name a few—as well as heritage colors like Diamond Blue and Dusk Rose.

Among the items you can purchase emblazoned with your pony emblem are coffee mugs, phone cases, t-shirts, hoodies, and decals. If you’re fast, you can also order it on an actual Mustang pony badge for your 2015-18 Mustang. Only 1,000 will be printed, so act with the quickness.

You can Personalize Your Pony at Go. Do your civic duty—after you’re done arguing with your aunt on Facebook.

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