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Ford Lists Off 10 Driver-Assist Features in the 2015 F-150

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10 Driver-Assist Features in the 2015 F-150

260-Degree Camera with Split-View Display

Earlier this month, Ford rolled out a list of the 10 subtle new features they put in the 2015 F-150 that would make drivers’ lives easier. As the release of the new pickup draws nearer, Ford has gone all David Letterman and gifted us with another Top Ten list. This time, it’s 10 driver-assist features in the 2015 F-150 that will make it not just the safest pickup truck on the road, but one of the safest vehicles overall.

Here’s Ford’s list of 10 driver-assist features in the 2015 F-150

10 Driver-Assist Features in the 2015 F-150

Multi-Contour Seats

  1. Active Park Assist – This one is an exclusive in the pickup segment. It utilizes two ultrasonic sensors and the F-150’s electric power-assisted steering to make the dreaded task of parallel parking a breeze. These sensors determine if there is enough room between two vehicles to accommodate the F-150, and then automatically steers the vehicle into the space for you.
  2. Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Brake Support – Another pickup segment exclusive that determines the distance and speed of the vehicle in front of you and helps maintain a safe traveling distance. If a collision is imminent, visual and audio alerts are triggered and the brakes are pre-charged if a sudden stop is necessary
  3. Smart Trailer Tow Module – Class-exclusive tech that notifies drivers when a light on a connected trailer has blown out.
  4. Curve Control – This is an all-new technology that reduces torque and applies four-wheel braking in the event that you take a corner too quickly. Curve Control can reduce vehicle speed by 10 miles per hour in a single second.
  5. Multi-Contour Seats – Class-exclusive, extra comfortable.
  6. Lane-Keeping System – Notifies drivers when they are drifting in or out of lanes by causing a small vibration in the steering wheel
  7. Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert – BLIS® is an available feature that notifies drivers when someone is camping out in their blind spot by triggering a warning light in the appropriate sideview mirror; can also be used in parking situations.
  8. 360-Degree Camera with Split-View Display – Gives the driver a full, clear look at up to seven feet around the F-150 for parking and maneuvering purposes.
  9. Hill Descent Control – Available feature that uses anti-lock brakes to give the driver more control when descending down a hill.
  10. Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Lets drivers know how much air they have in each of their tires and alerts them when any one tire is too low.

That’s ten more reasons to be excited about the 2015 F-150 when it is released before the end of the year, which we can safely add to a growing tally that is somewhere in the hundreds.