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Ford Looking at Mustang and Bronco Sub-Brands

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Ford Mustang-Inspired Electric Performance SUV
A sketch of the Mustang-inspired rear of an upcoming electric performance crossover
Photo: Ford Motor Company

Ford seems poised to build on the brand cache of two of its most popular products by establishing Mustang and Bronco sub-brands. This would not only involve various different versions of vehicles — like the 760-horsepower Mustang Shelby GT500 — but also different body styles — like the Bronco getting two- and four-door variants. There is even potential that the Mustang and Bronco sub-brands would rope in different vehicle types altogether — like the rumored Ford Bronco-based pickup.

As noted by MotorTrend, the decision to make Mustang and Bronco brands unto themselves is akin to having the F-Series serve as an umbrella for a variety of trucks across different segments. This could be an approach for Ford if it wants to reintroduce traditional cars to the market following its decision to purge sedans and hatchbacks. It has been rumored that Ford is tinkering with the idea of a four-door Mustang and is confirmed that a Mustang Hybrid is on the way, and leveraging the pony car’s brand cache would give these vehicles a better chance to appeal more broadly.

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But as Ford CEO Jim Hackett told MotorTrend, the potential of expanding the Mustang brand beyond its familiar boundaries could create problems: “We have to thread the needle on this really carefully because this franchise has just got such clarity that it is not going to evolve away from what its leverage is. It’s not going to be that. But there’s a couple derivations here.” This is in reference to the Mustang-inspired electric performance crossover, which originally went by the Mach 1 name before backlash from purists drove Ford to take a different tack.

Ford is also rumored to be considering expanding the Mustang influence to other non-electric performance crossovers.

Ford Bronco sheet
The clearest look Ford’s given of the Bronco since its announcement
Photo: Ford Motor Company

The vision of the Bronco as a sub-brand is far more plausible given its long time away from the lineup. Because Ford will be reintroducing the Bronco essentially whole cloth for many drivers, there’s more leeway for it to play with smaller vehicles like the “Baby” Bronco and a pickup truck. We can assume that much of the strategy with the Bronco and the Bronco name will be revealed when it is unveiled sometime within the next year.

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News Source: MotorTrend