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Ford National Body Shop Network Being Built to Handle 2015 F-150s

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Ford National Body Shop Network

Ford National Body Shop Network built to handle 2015 F-150s

When Ford unveiled an all-new and largely aluminum-based 2015 Ford F-150 at this past Detroit Auto Show, one of the first questions people had regarding the aluminum components of the truck’s body panels and chassis was how body shops would handle the new trucks when they are in need of repair. Fortunately, Motley Fool’s John Rosevear has the answers we’re looking for in Fools latest video.

According to Rosevear, in addition to extensive testing performed on the aluminum-based F-150, Ford has been preparing a large network of body shops around the nation for the new F-Series trucks before they even hit showrooms. In creating what is called the Ford National Body Shop Network, the automaker leaves little to chance to ensure that customers are completely satisfied and that shops around the United States have the training and equipment necessary to repair a 2015 F-150 that has been involved in a major accident.

Ford is sparing no expense with the Ford National Body Shop Network, as it will likely be a somewhat costly process to get dealerships and body shops ready to handle aluminum-paneled pickups. One Ford dealership in Michigan reports that it could cost upwards of $100,000 to get all of the equipment necessary to repair the new F-150, but that it will be necessary in order to stay ahead of the completion.

We want to hear from you: are you confident that Ford’s decision to include aluminum in the new F-150 is the best move for the brand’s future? Leave us a comment and let us know what your thoughts are!