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Ford of Britain Teams with Time to Change to Raise Awareness for Mental Health

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Ford Time to Change Signing the Pledge

For society to come to terms with the fact that mental health affects so many, it is imperative that open conversations about mental health take place. Organizations like the UK’s Time to Change are seeking to stimulate that conversation and bring the realities of mental illness into the light of day, and Ford is taking part in its endeavors.

Ford in March announced that it is signing the Time to Change pledge, committing itself to helping people feel more comfortable talking about their issues with others and encouraging others to be more proactive in helping out a friend or family member who might be in need of a sympathetic ear.

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“Ford of Britain Signing the Pledge is just the first step in our initiative,” said Andy Barratt, Ford of Britain’s chairman and Managing Director, Ford of Britain. “On the 5th [of] April, we will launch a major advertising campaign on TV and in social media. According to research, having a chat facing the same way as someone makes people more honest and open to discussing their feelings. Considering a large number of journeys are made in Ford Transits daily, this led us to that idea that Ford can provide a safe space to start a conversation every day.”

Ford Transit Time to Change

As part of its initiative, Ford has decked out one of its transit in a special Time to Change livery, which features an image of an elephant accompanied by the text “Don’t Let Mental Health Be the Elephant in the Room.”

Ford and Time to Change also encourage you to reach out if you feel that a friend of yours is suffering silent. It’s as simple as reaching out, setting aside a time and place to meet, listening to their problems without passing judgment, and treating them with respect and equity.

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