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Ford Ranger Raptor Leaves Breadcrumbs to Help You Find Your Way Home

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Ford Ranger Raptor leaves breadcrumbs
Ford Ranger Raptor leaves breadcrumbs
Photo: Ford Motor Company

The all-new Ford Ranger Raptor is already proving to be a hit among adventure enthusiasts the world over (less the United States, of course), inspiring folks to get out there and explore. To make sure that people who diverge far from the beaten path are able to find their way back easily, the Ranger Raptor leaves breadcrumbs that the navigation system can follow back to civilization.

As the Ford Ranger Raptor ventures into the wilderness, it will drop a virtual pin approximately every second so that it a driver could theoretically turn the vehicle around and follow the trail back as revealed on the touchscreen. Pretty handy, no?

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“Whether it’s for work or for sheer adventure, the new Raptor loves being let loose off‑road,” said Leo Roeks, director, Ford Performance. “Breadcrumb navigation is a simple but effective way to help drivers know exactly how to retrace their route no matter where they are.”

Deliveries of the Ranger Raptor began earlier this year in Europe, and the off-road friendly variant of the chart-topping Ranger has already established itself as a fan favorite. Developed by Ford Performance, the Ranger Raptor features a bi-turbo 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel engine, Fox Racing Shox, BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires, and the Terrain Management System.

Ford has confirmed that the Ranger Raptor will not be sold in North America, but speculation persists that it will make the leap stateside with the arrival of the next-generation Ranger. If you to at least experience the Ranger Raptor in some capacity, it’s now available to race in Forza Horizon 4.

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