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Ford Roadside Assistance Program Aims for Perfection

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Ford Roadside Assistance Program
Photo: Ford Motor Company

One of the best perks of owning a new or certified pre-owned vehicle is that you tend to forget until you need it. With roadside assistance, you have one fewer thing to stress out about when your car has a breakdown in the middle of a road trip or blows a flat on your way home from work. Because this perk is so essential for so many drivers, the Ford Roadside Assistance program is getting some updates that will help make the process easier for drivers.

“Roadside assistance is one of the most meaningful touchpoints we have with our customers, aside from selling them a vehicle,” said Sterling Black, manager, Ford and Lincoln Roadside Operations. “It’s important we create experiences that foster a sense of trust.”

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Ford has very much achieved in this sense — it cites external numbers that have 88 percent of all customers rating the service as being good or excellent. To drive that number closer to perfect, Ford has taken steps to streamline the call process, cutting the time drivers spend on the phone in half and making it less confusing. To accommodate Latinx drivers, Ford is also offering an up-front Spanish-language option, and it’s providing all customers the ability to track the location of their service provider every mile of the way.

“We have a good program, and we’re striving to make it better,” said Black. “We’re all about continuous improvement, and as we get more data and information from our customers, we’ll continue to make improvements to get to that utopian state of 100 percent customer satisfaction.”

The Ford Roadside Assistance program covers five years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first, and offers services including tows to any Ford dealer within a 35-mile range, jump starts, lock-out assistance, tire changes, fuel and fluid deliveries, and winching.

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