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Ford Suggests Mustang Mach-E Will Help Your Love Life

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Mustang Mach-E love life
Imagine that these people are you and your date next Valentine’s Day
Photo: Ford Motor Company

So it’s Valentine’s Day, which almost certainly means that your social media timeline for the entire day has been 1.) folks lamenting that they don’t have a date 2.) folks boasting about what makes their date so great 3.) folks kvetching about the very idea that Valentine’s Day is a thing that people put a lot of stock into. Ford is taking the opportunity to suggest that you should reserve a new Mustang Mach-E because it will help your odds of having a valentine next Feb. 14.

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Ford points to a 2019 study of 3,000 folks in the U.S., Europe, and China in which two in three respondents said that they’d opt for an electric vehicle to make a good first impression on a first date. Eighty percent of those surveyed said they’d enjoy an “electric-powered date night,” which presumably starts with an EV and ends with battery cable clamps? Seventy-five percent said they’d prefer to date someone who owns an electric vehicle.

So what does this mean, exactly? Well, in Ford’s estimation, it means that you’ll be luckier in love this time next year if you go on ahead and reserve a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E sometime over the next few months. Deliveries are expected to get underway for select models by the end of the year with additional trims being delivered by early 2021, so you might even be able to roll right out of the showroom to your date at Olive Garden or whatever.

If you do go on a date with someone and pick them up in a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, here’s a protip: Don’t devote any conversational bandwidth to talking about how the Mustang name is sacred and maybe shouldn’t have been given to an electric SUV because it defiles the purity of the Mustang brand. Not unless you want to sound like a weird nerd.

Give Yourself a Scoring Chance: Reserve your own 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Today