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Ford Teaming with Spotify to Bring Music to FordPass

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FordPass dashboard

Ford made the bold proclamation earlier this year that its FordPass service would “do for car owners what iTunes did for music fans.” Another music service that has revolutionized the way people listen to their tunes is Spotify, the world’s leader in streaming music, and they have been announced as one of Ford’s partners in the charge of making FordPass as great as all the fanfare suggested.

Ford announced that it is working with Spotify to bring the gift of music to FordPass, which aims to create loyal users by offering benefits and rewards from brands including McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, and BP as part of its FordPass Appreciation service.

“The FordPass platform is about understanding people’s needs and developing great experiences and ways to help them move better,” said Elena Ford, Ford vice president, global dealer and consumer experience. “The combination of FordPass and Spotify will create a great music experience both inside and outside of the vehicle.”

“Our goal is to light up the FordPass experience with music,” added Jorge Espinel, Spotify vice president for business development. “We want to be everywhere fans listen to music, and this partnership deepens our relationship with Ford and FordPass members.”

FordPass membership is complimentary for both Ford owners and non-Ford vehicle owners, an inclusionary choice likely made to emphasize the automaker’s desire to shift closer toward being a mobility company. The platform is currently scheduled for an April launch in the United States and Canada.

Services included with FordPass include FordPay, a virtual wallet with which members can pay for services offered in the Marketplace, FordGuides, and FordPass Appreciation.