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Ford Tourneo Connect Taxi Crosses 1 Million Kilometers, Breaks Odometer

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James Foley Ford Tourneo Connect Taxi

You know that very special moment you have—whether it’s on a long road trip surrounded by friends or family who don’t quite care or by yourself on a mundane trip to work—whether the odometer clicks over to a new, clean number. A momentous occasion for celebration, you might think. Now imagine the excitement you felt when your odometer read 99,999 and then became 10,000 and multiply that by 1,000.

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That’s what taxi driver James Foley must have felt when his Ford Tourneo Connect taxi hit its 1 millionth kilometer. Foley’s feat was so impressive that he ostensibly took his cab past its limit—the odometer, limited to six digits, just sat there. Fortunately, he was able to take his Tourneo Connect to his local Ford dealership and they reset the counter to zero. Presumably, they also toasted the man with a cup of lukewarm waiting-area coffee.

To put it in context, Foley’s Ford has driven the equivalent length of the globe 25 times. Yet, in 10 years, he has never once had a significant problem with the vehicle. For this reason, he says that he sees “no reason why she won’t be good for another million.” His suggestion for those looking to get the longest life out of their vehicles? Get yourself a good mechanic and stick to a service and maintenance schedule like it’s your job.

For those of us who prefer the Imperial system of measurement, or at least are bound to it by birth and habit, 1 million kilometers equals out to 621,371 miles. In order for Foley to hit the 1-million-mile mark, he’ll need to shuttle passengers for another 609,344 kilometers. Somehow, we have the feeling he’s up to the challenge.

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