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Former Arsenal Player Nicklas Bendtner Fined For Taking Picture With Mercedes-Benz

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It’s probably not a good idea to take a picture next to a Mercedes-Benz sedan when you play for a professional soccer team owned by the Volkswagen Group, but when your name is Nicklas Bendtner, you do things your own way.

“On my way to another session,” Bendtner wrote in an Instagram photo caption, which showed the soccer star standing next to a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

On my way to another session

A photo posted by Nicklas Bendtner (@bendtner3) on

Bendtner formerly played for Arsenal Football Club and has been a striker for VfL Wolfsburg since 2014. His two-year contract is set to expire in June and it doesn’t sound like he’ll be returning to the team, especially after hearing what Wolfsburg’s director of sport Klaus Allofs had to say about the controversial picture.

“We have our rules, one of those being that you must pay attention to how you are photographed in public,” Allofs is quoted as saying. “The rules are not new. It’s misconduct and it’s careless, which at the end of the day will cost (Bendtner) money.”

This is not the first time 28-year-old Bendtner has experienced this type of controversy. During the Euro 2012 tournament, Bendtner revealed a pair of underwear that included the name of a bookmaker, while his team played against Portugal. He was fined approximately $110,000 as a result.

It has yet to be announced how much Bendtner will be fined for his latest mishap, but Mercedes-Benz has to be enjoying the all the publicity it’s been getting due to the Instagram photo, which Bendtner still hasn’t removed from his social media account.

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