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Frozen Lake Preserves Dodge Pickup for 16 Years

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Frozen Dodge Pickup Truck

This Dodge pickup truck was underwater for 16 years, but still retains its nearly perfect condition

Fishing can be a finicky pastime. Sometimes, you can come away with nothing; other times, you can come away with a Dodge pickup truck.

Yeah, you read that right. A Dodge pickup truck.

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Last month in Minnesota, a local man lowered a camera into Mayhew Lake to scout for fish—but he didn’t just find some fins. He also found a pickup truck. He immediately called the local Benton County Sheriff’s office, which sent out a team to examine the vehicle only to discover that it had the same license plate as a Dodge pickup truck that was stolen close to 16 years ago.

And it was in near-perfect condition.

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The truck was found about 25 meters from the shore of the lake. Officials believe that it was just left on the lake when it was frozen over, and sank to the lake’s bottom when the iced over lake defrosted.

It won’t ever run again, but the cold water has preserved it surprisingly well. Of course, it’s entirely rusted out, but there are no other signs of bodywork damage. Really, though, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise—after all, it is a Dodge truck.

News Source: CarScoops