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Futuristic Genesis X Concept Applies EV Tech to GT Design

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Front side view of Genesis X Concept
Photo: Genesis

Genesis recently unveiled its new X Concept, a sleek, sporty coupe inspired by GT styling and designed as an all-electric vehicle.

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The brand’s goal with the X Concept is to showcase a luxury performance car that’s also sustainable. Its elegant exterior incorporates signature Genesis design elements, while the interior makes extensive use of eco-friendly and recycled materials. The brand’s “Two Lines” theming shows up repeatedly in both the interior and exterior design. Genesis didn’t release any details about specs or a potential powertrain for this concept, but it’s intended to operate as a high-performance EV.

  • Rear overhead view of Genesis X Concept
  • Side view of Genesis X Concept
  • Close-up view of Genesis X Concept grille and headlamps
  • Side view of Genesis X Concept
  • Rear view of Genesis X Concept

Genesis X Concept exterior design

The X Concept’s overall look combines a widened and lowered stance and a long, GT-like clamshell hood that integrates the front fenders into a single panel. The brand’s trademark crest grille includes three-dimensional patterning. It’s flanked by double-lined headlamps that wrap around and continue past the front wheel arches. The sliding charge-port door is seamlessly concealed.

Other key touches include an efficiency-enhancing mesh air intake design, curved accent lines along both flanks, smoothly muscled front and rear fenders, and two-lined curved taillamps that help to shape the car’s rear like a horseshoe. The alloy wheels show off lime-green brake calipers and wide, angled spokes that resemble a turbine fan.

The X Concept also features a Lencois Blue exterior paint job. According to Genesis, it’s an extension of the car’s sustainable theme, inspired by a seasonal lagoon in a Brazilian national park.

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  • Genesis X Concept steering wheel, dashboard, and driver's seat
  • Genesis X Concept driver's seat and steering wheel
  • Genesis X Concept crystal sphere electronic shift lever on console

Genesis X Concept interior styling

Inside the cabin, the dashboard includes a wraparound element that hoods the instrument panel, connects with the floating center console, and creates a cockpit-like look. The brown driver’s seat and green-blue front passenger seat create a sophisticated contrast. A console-mounted Crystal Sphere electronic shift lever enables drive mode changes.

Both front chairs are bucket-style with exposed metal frames and four-point seat belts to emphasize the car’s high-performance nature. The concept’s sustainable interior materials include seat belts, a steering wheel, and an air-bag cover trimmed in fabric made from recycled leather.

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