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Get a Glimpse into Toyota’s Production Process with Factory to Forecourt

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Factory to ForecourtHave you ever wondered what it’s like putting an entire vehicle together?  The vehicle production process is something that takes place on a daily basis in auto plants, but we know virtually nothing about it.

Toyota Great Britain broke down the walls of their plant so consumers could get a glimpse at how their cars are built.  Scott Brownlee, Head of Social Media at Toyota Great Britain, started the “Factory to Forecourt” Twitter campaign.

Using about 522 pre-written tweets, Brownlee gave Twitter followers the details on the production of the Auris electric-hybrid vehicle sold in Britain.  These featured onsite videos, photos and tweets about the 325 different production processes.  These can be found on Twitter with the #F2F hashtag.

During the campaign, Twitter followers could tweet questions and interact with the Toyota team!

You can also find more detailed information about the production process on the Toyota UK blog and through several YouTube video clips that were created for the campaign.  Take a look and let us know what you think of Toyota’s production process!